Family pictures are a treasure beyond measure. The best resource to get family pictures is from other family members. If possible, visiting the person's home works best.

We took pictures of several photos, including the photo to the right,  from Roxanne's grandmother, Matilda Whitacre DeHaven. This was before the digital camera age, so I used a close-up lense on my 35mm camera. With the help of Roxanne's uncle, Melvin DeHaven, who held some of the large photos in frames, we were able to get several photos of the family back to Roxanne's great-grandparents.

Today we use either a digital camera or scan in old photos into our computer to get electronic photo copies.

Another resource is from photos from people bringing pictures and albums to family reunions. This also a great way of connecting the dots between how people are related to each other.

We have also had photos sent to us by email and regular mail, and we have found public photos on line, such at

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We also welcome any new photos, which you may email or send us by regular mail.