How We Have Grown Our Family Trees

We have been researching our family histories for over five decades. We began by talking to our grandparents, parents, aunts, uncles, and cousins. We wrote down everything we could using paper and pen (and pencil). We took this information gathered over many years and placed it on our computer using the Personal Ancestral File (PAF) application. We joined at its beginnings in 1996 and have added to it ever since. We currently synchronize the Ancestry data with Roots Magic as our backup and publication production application. We also update our family information on the Family Search site (

The union of our family lines took place on the occasion of our marriage on January 28, 1978. We have been blessed with a beautiful daughter. Members of our families have taken interest over the years of adding to our family heritage, and we are grateful for those who have gone before us and who are still with us in continuing to grow our family tree. 


This is a dynamic site, since we continue to nuture our family trees. New branches are being started and extended frequently.  We have gathered the genealogical information from both public and private sources, with having received permission from the latter. We welcome any feedback, which you may supply on our Family History Blog page.

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Family Picture Galleries:

Bostwick; Crowl/Crowell; DeHaven; LampPersello/Pellis; Whitacre

Family Descendent Charts:

Balthaser Berkheimer; Cunlius BitzerWilliam Bostock; John Bostwick; Jonathan John Clark; Hans Conzelmann; Jacob Crowl; Robert DeLevering; John Fisher; Charles HerrymanWilhelm In Den Hoven; Hinrich Lamp; Giuseppe Pellis; Mattia Peresello;  Domenico Simonetti; Claus Speth; Hugh Virden; James Whittaker; William Wilson

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